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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Walmart Post from "We Use Coupons" blog

I'm now a thief and I'm getting people fired

Not really, but thats what my cashier at Wal Mart told me. I have three stores in my area. The closest is the one I shop most in the evenings only because its so close to home. Its definitely not for the stellar staff they have. I've always been treated poorly there because I use coupons. This may get long. I apologize ahead of time for the length. Just need to get it off my chest.

Well, I go and I was in a fabulous mood. Met a really nice couple who asked about q's. I told them about WUC and they were great. Had a great conversation with them.

This is what I got: about 20 Purex using the $1/1 q's, there were about 40 left. 2 trial size tide using the .35/1 q's, Enfamil baby formula using a $5/1 q, and a couple Secret Clinical strength trial size using the $2/1q's. eggs, no q but I needed them, WM brand cheese I needed it, energy drinks no q but I need caffeine, 2 Purex baby full size detergent, 2 Renu contact solutions used the $2/1 q's, 1 pkg Oscar Mayer bacon used the $1/1 peelie that was on it. I did this in 2 transactions.

So, I get ready to check out and see there is only one lane open with "the woman". She has given problems in the past. So, I put on my most pleasant mood and face and we chatted for about 12 seconds. Then she realized I had coupons.

She asked why I was giving her the q's for the Purex, I told her because I purchased 12 in this order. SHe scanned them and when the computer prompted" is this a valid amt?" The woman assumed it denied use of the q. SHe said it was bec the value of the q was more than the product. I hand her Wal Mart's q policy. She said that I was gonna get her in trouble or fired. I can't get something for less than the q. I just can't.

I hand her the printout and she kinda shooed it away, as if to imply it wasn't what I said it was. SHe calls over to the csm. Then walks to the cs desk and the CSM tells her I'm right and if I need to the cashier is to give me cash back as overage. THe woman cashier says to the three people behind me, who were WM employees they heard the csm and if she got in trouble its my fault. Mine, the customers' fault????? The girl behind me, a cashier I believe, said I can't do that. I show her policy and her and the two youngish guys start saying how what I'm doing is wrong and how its not worth it to wait behind me. The girls said something I didn't quite make out, but i heard the f word.
It took 55 minutes almost to check out.

I can't believe how I was treated tonight. THe woman cashier and the associates behind me trying to intimidate me saying I'm just wrong is not what I signed up for when going to shop tonight.

Why is it OUR responsibility to TRAIN WM staff at their POLICY AND Customer Service??

Here' the kicker.... My last two q's were .35/1 Tide deterg (from the P&G insert ) I bought two Travel Tides. Cashier says cant use on travel size and calls CSM. CSM says the same. I say Not trying to be difficult but why? She gets huffy rolls her eyes then puts in a generic vendor q and walks away.

UGH so not happy...

So sorry to be long long long. thanks ... RANT OVER


  1. I am so not a fan of Wal-mart. I refuse to go in there unless they are really going to make it worth my while. I think the last time I went was before Christmas when they had the $50 Itunes cards for like $30.

    I've read so many stories similar to this since WM changed their policy, and every time I read one if just makes me want to avoid them even more.

  2. This was adapted from the site We Use Coupons. I thought it was valuable knowledge to have though.

  3. I am a WalMart ex-employee...i just started this coupon thing and got fired for it Friday (yes, 1 week before Christmas!) our 'coupon lady' that came in every other day got me going on the coupon thing...so I got 273 coupons, placed an order, used my coupons and ended up with $700 overage on a gift card...and I got fired for 'stealing' from WalMart! I just don't understand...so I called corporate and they say as an employee "I should have known better"...we DO NOT have a policy for coupon use for employees and the 'coupon lady' has used HUNDREDS of these coupons as well...WALMART IS EVIL! I have been with the company for 4 years and have NEVER been in any trouble...I'm devastated!

  4. I was just fired from Walmart. I am new to the couponing and I accidently used the wrong toothbrush and mouthwash coupons while I was shopping as a customer. The register took them with no problems and the cashier didn't have any concerns with it so I never thought they could have been wrong. I worked there for 3 yrs as a Dept. manager. Never in trouble and they use this against me. I'm so hurt by this.

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